Unused Designs

“Vive Miscegenation” (poster for book launch)

theater [object]

Los Angeles Poetry PDFs

Where Stones Gather (with Angelica Torn, Kate Valk, Jim Fletcher, Charles Bernstein and Tony Torn)

Raoul Vaneigem Cited on Biological Weapons in Recent Issue of International Peacekeeping

L.A. L.A. Land, Poets

Bank of America Online Banking: A Critical Assessment

“Lost” Poets of Los Angeles (Paul Revere’s Horse, PDF)

Blacktop Ecologies: Los Angeles Poetry and Poetics (UCLA, 2014)

Denis Roche “Bootleg”

Rimbaud and Revolutionary Artifice

We Control the Weather (student collection)

Delivered by Drones (student collection)

Comedies of Separation

Boston Review Writing

Los Angeles Review of Books Writing

Against Desire: Excess, Disgust and the Sign in Electronic Literature


A Poetics of Virtuosity

The Alliterative Tradition and Modernist/Postmodernist Poetics and Five Translations from Old English

Third Hand Plays for SFMoma

Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 2

Viva Miscegenation (Full Book)

Scavenged Luxury: Los Angeles Post-Punk

Viva Miscegenation (chapbook)

Conceptual Writing: The L.A. Brand

For a New Urbanism


Darren Wershler’s The Tapeworm Foundry

LA Telephone Book Vol. 2 2012-2013

The L.A. Telephone Book, Vol. 1 2011-2012

Charles Bernstein, UCLA Reading Announcement


UCLA Student Poetry Reading Announcement

M/ELT: modernist/experimental literature and text-art reading group

Suicide in an Airplane (1919)

Introduction to Electronic Literature: a freeware guide

Ferrari Dogs

MLA Off-site Reading

Self Portrait as the Shroud of Turin (and other videos)

Flash Polaroids

Kluge: A Meditation

Kluge: A Meditation (video version)

Winter Was Hard & A Car Drives to Rome

One Letter At a Time Series

Kluge: Meditation, and other works

They Said I Was Lonely

Electronic Writing II Ad Campaign

/ubu Editions

Poli Sci: The Political Science Writings of Bruce Andrews

Steve Evans, Notes to Poetry

The Impercipient, edited by Jennifer Moxley

Arras 5

Object 9: Inventory

Before Starting Over: Selected Writings and Interviews

What Is Said to the Poet Concerning Flowers

Abigail Child

Richard Stockton Overdrive


Free Space Comix II

Free Space Comix III



What Does It Matter?

Fashionable Noise: On Digital Poetics

When You Reach Kyoto

McSweeney’s Rectangular Festival

Brown E-fest 2006

Richard Stockton Overdrive

Themes Out of School (student film)

Philadelphia Book Launch

Arras 4

Vaneigem Series


Popahna: A (Pseudo-Situationist) Fable

Angry Penguins


Free Space Comix

Booty, Egg On: Uncollected Poems and Collaborations

Dan Farrell’s The Inkblot Record & Christian Bök’s Eunoia

The Overtures of Holograms

Algorithmic Paintings

The Dreamlife of Letters

The Truth Interview (with Kim Rosenfield)

Rational Geomancy

Alpha Betty’s Chronicles

Dot-Matrix Visual Poems