Self Portrait as the Shroud of Turin. 2004. 3:42 mins. 2.7 mb. Depending on your mood, this is either four minutes of me noodling around in my room or a profound exploration of what it must be like shooting mini-DV video after death by crucifixion. For the martyr in all of us.


Sirius Returned. (Homage to Brakhage) 2004. 2:58 mins. 3.7 mb. Starring Durango. Inspired by Stan Brakhage’s short film, Sirius Remembered, which centered around the remains of his dog that he discovered in the woods around his home (shot in extremely short bursts of a few frames as was his technique), this short experimental video is completely unedited, but has been reshot in reverse through the viewfinder of another camera. I think it’s cool.


Mouths. (Ed Sanders, Marcel Duchamp) 2004. 3:13 mins. 9.3 mb. With Brian Kim Stefans and brief appearances by Rodrigo Toscano, Kim Rosenfield and others. Soundtrack includes reading by Ed Sanders and a sound piece by Marcel Duchamp. This was actually taped by Tim Davis, poet and photographer, in something like 2000 or so in a small bookstore in Williamsburg, but I reshot it in reverse through another camera. Only very slightly edited toward the end. The soundtrack is really funny if offensive.