May 01, 2003
Q&A: Janeane Garofalo Won't Back Down

[She'll be in Wburg soon -- see announcement below. I'm not going, of course, I hate crowds. Here's an excerpt from the interview.]

Have you gotten a lot of hate mail?

Garofalo: Oh shit, yeah. I had to change my home phone number. A lot of the hate mail I get is clearly misogynist. I am a proud liberal, feminist woman, and the hate mail I get for those three things is not about me. It's about those signifiers, and about what the right in this country has managed to do to perpetuate anger over what they mean.

Then there is a lot of the hate mail that says actors are too wealthy to understand what's going on. The actors live in Hollywood, all this kind of nonsense. Do they realize how wealthy the Bush family is or the Cheney family? The Ashcrofts? Bill O'Reilly? Tom Brokaw? Do they realize that if you are talking about the Administration now, Bush and Cheney in particular, the life of privilege, wealth, and elitism they have lived? If you are going to talk about somebody not understanding the common man, then look no further than the Beltway.

It is shocking that some people's lives are enriched by this nonsense these boycotts and e-mails. They are proving themselves to be fundamentally anti-American and anti-democratic. They are against the First Amendment, so what are they defending? Unless they are trying to build a fascist Administration, unless they are trying to bring the American people to a point that we exist under a totalitarian regime.

AlterNet: Q&A: Janeane Garofalo Won't Back Down

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Janeane Garofalo is still being talked about? Odd.

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