May 06, 2003
Hugh MacDiarmid: For Daniel Cohn-Bendit

[Daniel Cohn-Bendit is the present-day Green politician who became known as spokesperson and leader of the May 68 revolutionary activities in Paris. Hugh MacDiarmid is the famous Scottish-nationalist, Marxist poet who early in his career created "Synthetic Scots."]

On the occasion of his candidature in Glasgow
University Rectorial Election, 1968

No man or group of men has any right
To force another man or other groups of men
To do anything he or they do not wish to do.
There is no right to govern without
The consent of the governed. Consent is not only
Important in itself, and as a nidus for freedom
And its attendant spontaneity (clearly valuable
As the opposed sense of frustration is detrimental)
                                 But the sole
Basis of political obligation. There is nothing
Supplemental to or coequal with consent itself
And even if we had not the lessons of all history
-The endless evidence of 'man's inhumanity to man'
And overwhelming proof that all power debases
And that no man is good enough to have it
Or can exercise it without doing far more harm than good -
The contention is utterly indefensible - sheer humbug! mortmain!
That 'so long as the exercise of certain powers is good in itself
Or a means to the good... these powers are right
Whether or not anyone is of the opinion that they are,'
The time-dishonoured formula that attempts to conceal or excuse
All the hellish wrong of human history,
The fraud and loss inherent in all Government,
That age-long monstrous distortion of the faculties of man
It is the great historical task of the working-class
To eliminate today, no matter at what cost,
That human life, no longer wrenched hideously awry,
May spring up at last in its proper form.

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