May 12, 2003
sf.indymedia: Antiwar Movement Returns to Oakland Docks to Picket Corporate Invaders & Lawless Cops


The antiwar movement returns to the Port of Oakland this evening to picket war profiteer American President Lines (APL) and corporate colonist Stevedoring Services of America (SSA), with an additional message for OPD and Mayor Brown: "No police violence at the docks or in our communities!" Last month's picket was the scene of a "less-lethal" police onslaught as riot cops opened fire with wooden bullets and concussion grenades, injuring dozens of protesters and portworkers -- none of whom have been charged with any crime. At a meeting with organizers on Friday, OPD backed off on their threat to force picketers into a protest pen a mile away from the companies, but made few guarantees for the rights or safety of protesters. Enemy Combatant Radio will provide live coverage from 5pm, when protesters are to gather at West Oakland BART, until late (call-in 415-864-1006).

San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center

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