May 16, 2003
United for Peace and Justice: A National Teach-in on Iraq, Preemptive War, and Democracy

Saturday, May 31st
1:00p.m. to 5:00p.m.
National City Christian Church
5 Thomas Circle, Washington DC NW
(3 blocks North of the McPherson Square Blue/Orange line Metro)

Free and Open to the Public!

Speakers include:
Arundhati Roy, Author/Activist via satellite
Cynthia McKinney, Former Congresswoman from Georgia
Edward Said, Professor at Columbia University
Gene Bruskin, US Labor Against the War and the AFL-CIO
Howard Zinn, via satellite
Hussein Ibish, Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee
Kathy Kelly, Voices in the Wilderness via satellite
Michael Klare, Hampshire College and author of Resource Wars (invited)
Miles Solay, Not in Our Name
Phyllis Bennis, Institute for Policy Studies
Rania Masri, Southern Peace Research and Education Center
Ralph Nader

We invite you to join United for Peace and Justice to learn about and discuss issues in three major areas...

The domestic consequences of war:
-- Building a free and open society based on respect for democracy, civil liberties, and civil rights. How can we reverse the tide of our eroding rights and stop the attacks on people from the Middle East and other immigrant groups?
-- Reordering US spending priorities that favor tax cuts for the rich and increased spending on war toward more spending for education, health care, and needed social programs. How can we support the real needs of veterans while cutting wasteful military spending to remedy our state and local budget crises and save critical social programs?

A U.S. occupation of Iraq:
-- The impacts of the war on food supplies, water, and electricity for the people of Iraq. How can we build solidarity and support for an Iraq-led redevelopment effort even after the cameras are gone?
-- How the "second invasion" of Iraq is underway by profit-seeking U.S. corporations.

U.S. Empire
-- Building a safer world through an alternative foreign policy based on international law, cooperation, and economic & social justice.
-- Reversing the Bush doctrine of "preemptive war," to prevent attacks on the people of Syria, Iran, North Korea, or Cuba.
-- The need for a rapid shift to clean, renewable energy sources

The event will be re-broadcast on Free Speech TV several times following the event. Check our website in the coming days for broadcast dates at

In addition, the event will be taped and available for local screenings shortly after the event. Sponsor a local viewing party so that people in your community can discuss the future direction of the peace movement. United for Peace and Justice will distribute the videotape to your organization at our National Conference, June 6-8 in Chicago or you will be able to order a copy on-line. Check the website: for updates.

For more information on organizational participation, local activities and/or organizational tabling opportunities, contact Henry Moses at the DC UFPJ office at 202-234-2000 or To volunteer for the event in the areas of outreach/publicity, technology, media or day-of logistics, please contact Kristen Arant at the Quixote Center 301-699-3443 x114 or There will be a reception for speakers, organizers and volunteers following the event.

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