June 23, 2003
FW: Protest Bush on Monday!

Dear UFPJ supporters,

President George W. Bush will be coming to NYC this Monday, June 23, to raise money for his re-election campaign. Planned Parenthood of NYC and advocates for reproductive freedom are calling on all opponents of the Bush regime to make our voices heard. United for Peace and Justice has responded to the call and has been working to mobilize the city for the reception the president deserves.

Protest at 5:00PM, Monday, June 23, 2003
Sheraton Hotel, 7th Avenue and 52nd Street

Why take time out on Monday evening to make George W. Bush feel unwelcome?

* He launched an illegal, immoral "pre-emptive" war on Iraq.
* His administration lied repeatedly to the American people and Congress about the threat posed by Iraq and the existence of its "weapons of mass destruction."
* He went ahead with the invasion and occupation of Iraq on the basis of those lies.

And that's just this spring.
Let us not forget other gems from George W. Bush's resume:

* Endangered our Civil Liberties by signing the highly unconstitutional Patriot Act
* Stole the 2000 Presidential Election--Bush "won" by 537 votes in Florida while a total of 57,700 registered voters (largely Black and Latino
Democrats) were denied the right to vote.
* Has been an unrelenting foe of a woman's right to choose.

Let the world's most dangerous man know he's not welcome in NYC!

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That gives us a pretty good starting point to understand a lot more about variables, and that's what we'll be examining next lesson. Those new variable types I promised last lesson will finally make an appearance, and we'll examine a few concepts that we'll use to organize our data into more meaningful structures, a sort of precursor to the objects that Cocoa works with. And we'll delve a little bit more into the fun things we can do by looking at those ever-present bits in a few new ways.

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