March 26, 2003
REM: The Final Straw

REM weighs in with the growing number of musicians producing antiwar songs with The Final Straw. The band's site currently features the song's complete lyrics as well as a rough studio mix in both streaming Quicktime and Windows Media formats. "This is the strongest voice I could think of to send out there" -- Michael Stipe.

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Protest Songs Site

[This just in from Musicians for Peace.]


(as curated by Thurston Moore and Chris Habib)

exists for musicians, poets and artists to express LOVE + LIBERTY in the face of greed, sexism, racism, hate-crime and war


All songs on this site are free to share, not to sell

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February 26, 2003
BBC: Where have all the protest songs gone?

[Cute story from the BBC. I'd cut and paste the whole thing to this site but there's a lot of sidebars that are worth reading, especially regarding the parody songs like "If you cannot find Osama, Bomb Iraq." If you are not familiar with this tune, the English Atheist site has a sing along version with fun graphics.]


BBC NEWS | UK | Where have all the protest songs gone?

Can anyone fill Dylan's shoes? Protest used to be about singing as much as marching. But as boy band Blue promise to record an anti-war song, why does the current movement lack a rallying anthem?

Posted by Brian Stefans at 02:06 PM