The complete political science writings of Language poet Bruce Andrews, written during a fertile early period of poetic activity that produced such milestones as Give ‘Em Enough Rope and I Don’t Have Any Paper So Shut Up.

Bruce Andrews: Poli Sci (full)

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Here’s a clip of Bruce Andrews debating with Bill O’Reilly during the “Factor Outrage of the Week” portion about one of his classes at Fordham. Required viewing:

The contents of Poli Sci:

1. Social Rules and the State as a Social Actor (1975) download

2. Explaining and Understanding State Action (1976) download

3. Public Constraint and American Policy in Vietnam (1976) download

4. Representation and Irresponsibility in Foreign Policy< (1977) download

5. The Piecing Together of Humpty Dumpty: Graduate Education in International Political Economy (1978) download

6. Economic Diplomacy and the New International Order: Rhetorical Questions (1979) download

7. The Language of State Action (1979) download

8. Privacy and the Protection of National Security (1980) download

9. Surplus Security and the Domestic Paradigm (1980) download

10. Criticizing Economic Democracy (1980) download

11. The Political Economy of World Capitalism: Theory and Practice (1982) download

12. The Prison-house of the Capitalist World System (1982) download

13. The Domestic Content of International Desire (1984) download

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