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An algorithmic poem/painting using the Scriptor code, with music by Leo Ornstein, played by Marc Andre Hamellin. The text was lifted years ago from the New York Times.

Download (recommended):

Mac | Windows

Depending on your OS, please click the application “Suicide on an Airplane 1919” to start. The piece should run for three and a half minutes.

This piece is best viewed on a monitor with a 16:10 aspect ratio. If your monitor does not have this aspect ratio, then it is not advised that you go to full screen mode. Adjust the viewing window accordingly to approximate this ratio.

Browser version:

I recommend the downloaded version only because I haven’t debugged this on a lot of different computers, and so have no idea how the different browser versions look.

Screen Captures:
Scriptor 2.JPG

Scriptor 2.JPG

Scriptor 2.JPG