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Electronic Writing II: short course description

LR0021 Section 8.

A writing course designed for writers—poets, fiction writers, play-wrights—who want to explore new ways of using words made possible by digital media, and also for artists—graphic artists, musicians, filmmakers, CS mavericks—who aim to utilize text effectively in their art. Projects can include everything from hypertext fic-tions, lettristic animations, and interactive poems to texts authored by AI engines, Flash comix and high concept blogs. There are no prerequisites.  Open to students of all levels: beginning, intermediate and advanced. Lab time, which is voluntary, is devoted to learning Flash, the dominant interactive graphics/audio software today (“JibJab,” Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, and all those annoying movie ads on the web are done in Flash), but students are also encouraged to use whatever software packages and programming languages they are comfortable with—Max/MSP, Java, Director, Perl, etc. Student work is not judged on programming proficiency. The emphasis is placed on the quality of the writing and the concept of the piece even if it is not able to be com-pleted in the time frame of the course. Collaboration is encouraged. Boredom is illegal. Enrollment limited to 17. Written permission required.

Time: Tuesdays 4-6:20 pm; lab Thursdays 5-6:20 pm
Place: MML classroom
Instructor:  Brian Kim Stefans.

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