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Project Proposals

I’ve uploaded a few proposals that I’ve written for the Cave that I thought you could use as references. Another good place to research how artists write about their own work is the Rhizome ArtBase (look in the Archives menu item at the top).

BKS Cave Project Proposal1.pdf

Ouija Poems1.pdf

This proposal exercise is a chance for you to work through your ideas, perhaps clarify things to yourself, and a chance to show me how you are thinking about electronic writing and offer suggestions for your project before you get into the creation of it. The sooner you give me a proposal, the sooner I can give you feedback.

Things to think about:

  • text/image/audio, where they are coming from (will you create them or steal them)
  • nature of the interaction, the programming (even if you don’t know how to program these bits)
  • general experience of the user
  • general issues you think this project addresses (don’t need to be too theoretical)
  • other art works or ideas that you see as references or inspirations


I’ll be in my office today from about 2-2:45 if you want to stop by so I can sign your card.
Re: lab. I said that you should email me if you are planning to attend lab. I think, in the future, I will simply ask everyone on Tuesday whether they will be coming, to take away the element of suspense. I strongly suggest you go to lab this Thursday since I can answer any questions about where to save your stuff, etc. A few students have already told me they’ll be there, so you don’t have to write me an email.  It’s from 5-6:20.  If you can’t make it, I can meet you there some other time, or you can ask questions of the lab assistants there.
Lastly, the cheat sheets only have to have things on their that you think you won’t remember. No reason to put things in there that you think will be obvious to you or that you already know.
I didn’t give any examples of Flash work yesterday because I got lazy and my throat was sore. But here are a few things on the web – mostly pretty simple stuff, some silly, some considered major work. Just for poking around if you have time:
The Blonk Organ (using vocal sounds of sound poet Jaap Blonk):
Yong-Hae Chang Heavy Industries (Flash movies in many languages, pick any one – all have sound):
Bembo’s Zoo (animations made entirely out of letters):
The Jew’s Daughter (a highly acclaimed hyperfiction in Flash, sometimes doesn’t run properly but give it time):

Another fun thing (click on the horses’ mouths – this has sound):

Class list

At this point in space and time, the class list is as follows:

Lisa Oliver
Daniel Cannizzaro
Annie Keilman
Adam White
William Durette
Alice Liu
Jason French
Daniel Howe
Elliott Breece
Scott Kolp
Andrew Fox
Raphael Lee
Joshua Spechler

It’s a nice mix of people, I’m really looking forward to working with all of you! There’s still space in the class, so let your friends know in case they’re interested.

Electronic Writing II: Introduction

Welcome to our class blog. On here, you will find lots of goodies, including the syllabus, a selection of work by last semester’s students (along with links to other prior students work), links to all of our reading assignments, and updates to our schedule and assignments throughout the semester.

We will also be posting our assignments to this blog throughout the semester. You are free to send the URL for this blog to your friends and enemies and invite them to comment on your work in progress. You will be a true net star.

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