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Fall 2005 Student Work

A work-in-progress by Alex Sears. One sentence for every month of her life (12 sentences a year, for 22 years) – when the user accesses it, they get one sentence from each year.  Still needs some decoration and things. 


A short Flash poem / movie by Cordey Lopez.


Below are some poems from the Fall 2005 class: a sestina by Alexandra Sears and a Google poem by Cordey Lopez.


I wore a blue-striped sweater
I had found in the attic
At the old house when I told him how I spent my life wanting to be a cat.
To be a cat, I said, would be better than the best violin.
To be a cat, I said, would be more beautiful than the most enriched oatmeal
Despite its high concentration of vitamins.

Grandma used to give me gold-colored, gel-encapsulated vitamins
Before school.  There I would dream cat dreams, my mind unraveling like the blue-striped sweater.
A fantastic haze.  As multi-grained as oatmeal
Spiraled cinnamon, thoughts propelled forward, knots along attic
Beams.  An internal violin,
Reverberating strings outspread like cats

With wings.  To fly as a cat
Would transcend whiskers or the benefit of iron-enhanced vitamins
Reminiscent of tastes other than plastic.  This afternoon’s violin
Becomes a piano tomorrow, in which I hide before finding the blue-striped sweater
In the attic
That my mind resembles when it dreams of cats over instant oatmeal,

Which is made in haste, unlike unrefined oatmeal,
Eaten in leisure characteristic of a cat
Stretched long and contemplative in a light-filled attic
Warm from the mid-morning sun, which is rich in Vitamin
D.  On light-colored days I do not wear the blue-striped sweater
Which was wrapped around the violin

In the attic.  The only one of its kind, the violin
Amused me, although I could not fit inside.  I felt pain, similar to the sensation of oatmeal
Too quickly consumed, meandering aimlessly in a stomach covered by skin and blue-striped sweater
As I recalled my inability to become a cat
Or to imagine myself one as age crept upon me, years accumulating like Grandma’s lamps in the attic.

Someone told me once that death resides in attics,
Amid the stale air of vacated memories.  I no longer remember who.  But if he were to brush the violin
Free of dust and the possibility of spiders, it would sound as wonderful as vitamins
Feel in the body.  It would be oatmeal,
Steaming, swirling cinnamon—not a preference of carnivorous cats—
A conglomerate of beneficial compounds interwoven among grains like yarns in a blue-striped sweater.


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Tell a friend about Axolotl eNotes with summary, essays, analysis, and more. …
“Axolotl” opens with a blunt summary of its own plot:”There was a time when …

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  1. January 29th, 2006 | 5:40 pm

    Nice layout, excellent design and color scheme. And the poems . . . fantastic!

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