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Class 1: Jan 31, Hypertext Fiction

• Read The Babysitter. Enter comments on the blog concerning issues of: structure, sense perception (colors, sounds, etc), nature of transitions, plot movement, syntax (complexity of sentences), and whatever else you think of (it’s all good).
• Read Generation Flash, by Lev Manovich. Come in with notes, complaints, etc. I will also create a page on the blog for this for comments if you want to leave any.
• Read the “Interface” chapter and do the “Working with Text” chapter of Flash MX H.O.T. Create “cheat sheet” that lists all the keyboard short-cuts, how to do certain things, etc. – basically, try to get the chapter on a single page.
• If you have time, read the “Publishing and Exporting” chapter of Flash MX. I will do an in class demo of this stuff, but going over it a few times always helps.

Lab: The lab is voluntary. I only need your cheat sheet to be convinced that you did the chapter – you don’t have to hand in any of the tutorial. However, if you do come to the lab, you can do your tutorial there and ask me questions if you run into problems. If you’ve already done the tutorial, I will give you a simple electronic writing assignment that you can do in the lab that reviews the material in the tutorial chapter.

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