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Class 2: Feb 7, Recombinant Poetics

• Read the three sestinas that are in this .pdf: sestinas_ewriting_2006.pdf. Also look at the Get a Google Poem application.
• Write a sestina. You can either write one from scratch, or you can create a sestina with “Get a Google Poem” and rewrite it to your taste. You may not hand in a sestina that is directly produced by “Get a Google Poem.”
• Read Christian Bok’s Eunoia (including the afterword), which you can buy in the bookstore. Leave a comment on the website along the lines of what we did with “The Babysitter.” Think of issues such as how literary style is achieved under these constraints, what role the knowledge of the constraints had on your reading of the book, and also other constraints you can think of that could produce interesting texts.
• Do the tutorials for the “4. Animation Basics,” “6. Symbols and Instances,” and if you have time “7. Motion Tweening” chapters of Flash MX HOT.

Lab: Like last time, the lab is voluntary. Please let me know if you will be attending lab at the end of class on Tuesday.

Additional links:
Spineless Books Table of Forms
Ezra Pound’s Sestina: Altaforte
Wikipedia on the Oulipo
Geoff Ryman’s 253

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