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Writing For Satellites: Brown E-fest 2006

[The following is just a scratch pad for the electronic writing festival here at Brown on March 22-24. If you have stumbled across this page, don’t mark any of the below in your calendars — it’s all provisional. A website will go up soon with the final schedule.]


can we get Mark┬áTribe’s classroom in MCM for any of these events?
where do we do the My Invisible event?

March 21: Pre-game show

7pm, Tazza Caffe:
Katie Degentesh reading (with Ann Waldman)

March 22

3-5 pm, location TBA:
Writing for satellites: electronic writing within/beyond the internet
Mark Tribe
Edrex Fontanilla
Noah Wardrip-Fruin
George Landow
Roberto Simanowski

7:30 pm, McCormack Theater
Evening reading: Providence all-stars
Noah Wardrip-Fruin
Daniel Howe
Brian Kim Stefans
Mike Magee
Alex Sears (and/or other students)

March 23

11am-1pm, location TBA
Knot 1: The future of narrative with/in digital media
Robert Coover
Judd Morrissey (& Lori Talley)
Scott Rettberg
Nick Montfort
Stuart Moulthrop

3-5 pm, location TBA
Knot 2: The future of poetry with/in digital media
Brian Kim Stefans
Daniel Howe
Aya Karpinska
Mike Magee (& Katie Degentesh)
Rob Kendall

7:30 pm, McCormack Family Theater
Evening reading: Visitors from afar
Stuart Moulthrop
Judd Morrissey
Aya Karpinska
Rob Kendall
Nick Montfort & Scott Rettberg

Music Events: My Invisible and Gerald’s Party

March 24

Cave demo and/or MML lab demo

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