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Class 3: Feb 14, Hypertext Drama

Read “70 Scenes of Halloween.” Note all features that recur throughout the play, and note especially how the play manages to hold our interest (if indeed it does). What is the “content” of this play? Is this a narrative that we are viewing out of sequence, or is it a new narrative each time we read/see it?

Write a play that is 5 or more scenes long – 1 scene per page – that can be read out of order and still be interesting. The play should have one character that occurs in each scene, and one object. There also has to be a murder, an animal, and a celebrity guest star. Note how differences in the order of the play change the “outcome,” but also the set-up, the dramatic arc, etc.

Here are your groups. These were determined scientifically by taking out the Lit Arts majors, throwing the rest of the sheets up in the air and then dividing them in three groups, and then sticking a Lit Arts person in with each group (also randomly).

group 1:
Elliott Breece
Joshua Spechler
Alice Liu
Andrew Fox

group 2:
Lisa Oliver
William Durette
Annie Keilman
Raphael Lee

group 3:
Daniel Cannizzaro
Adam White
Jason French
Scott Kolp

Do the following chapters in Flash MX:
8. Bitmaps
9. Buttons
10. Movie Clips

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