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Class 4: Feb 21, Text/Image Complex

Though we have no class on this day, I’d like you guys to do the following by February 26:

Read The Medium is the Massage. Note particularly which ideas still seem relevant and fresh to readers today, and which seem outdated (or outpaced by technology). Note those pages that rely on a text/image complex to make their point, and pick one that you think is most interesting. On the blog, note which page you are writing about and describe what you think the “point” of that page is. Also, how does this book relate to tactics you see in advertising today? Note an ad campaign that seems particularly relevant.

Write a proposal for your first significant Flash piece. It should include:
what type of text you will be using (maybe even a sample)
what types of images you will be using (ditto)
how you imagine the interface to work, even if you piece isn’t “interactive”
references to things that help describe your vision (other works of art, your mother, etc.)
difficulties that you foresee, and what you think you will have to learn or master to achieve the project

Email me a copy of this proposal by Feb 26, but also be prepared to give a very short presentation on what you aim to do.

Do the following tutorials in Flash MX:
11. Action Scripting Basics
13. Sound
16. Publishing and Exporting

If you want, check out the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest — it’s good practice in a way for thinking about the image and how text transforms it. (You don’t have to subscribe to the New Yorker to leave a caption.)

These are the last chapters that will be assigned from. Feel free to do other chapters based on your interests – drawing, shape tweening, video and the components and forms chapters would be most relevant. Look at the Flash MX Resources page for additional tutorials.

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