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Flash Resources

Friends of Ed

Main site for publisher of good books on Flash 8 with lots of downloadables.

Flash 8 New Features Video

Goes over some things (very quickly) that might not appear in our tutorial book.

Flash MX Complete Documentation

The complete documentation from Macromedia, downloadable as pdfs.

Flash Kit, A Flash Developer’s Site

Tons on tutorials, downloadable sample files, etc. for all levels of programmers. Also includes a fonts and sound effects gallery.

Macromedia’s Flash Development Center

Includes lots of tutorials for all levels of user.

Webmonkey’s Shockwave/Flash Page

Mostly articles that give you a nice overview of the software (along with its sibling, Director), though some of them appear quite dated. Flash Tutorials

Some basic tutorials and simple downloadable Flash files. Very entry level.

Flash Magazine

A web journal entirely devoted to our little buddy, with tutorials and articles (and tons of ads, too). For the more advanced user.

An entire site devoted to the scripting langauge of Flash. There are also job postings here.

Flash Sample Files (Macromedia website)

Stuff to download, play with, etc.

This site is run by a company that lets users download source files and make changes to them, etc. Some really beautiful, inspiring stuff.


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