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The L.A. Telephone Book Vol. 2 2012-13 is a collection of new work by contemporary Southern California writers and text-artists compiled and designed by poet and digital artist Brian Kim Stefans.

Including new work by:

Will Alexander
Diana Arterian
Thérèse Bachand
Molly Bendall
Guy Bennett
Byron Campbell
Geneva Chao
Andrew Choate
j.s. davis
Larkin Higgins
Erin Jourdan
Siel Ju
Janice Lee
Deborah Meadows
Béatrice Mousli
Dennis Phillips
William Poundstone
David Shook
Chris Stoffolino
Daniel Tiffany
AJ Urquidi

The volume is free for download from Mediafire (see links below).

The collection was created based on a semi-open call to writers and artists for up to 7 pages of work, set in 6 x 9 in .pdf format, which were then assembled into the present file. All choices were made by the artists and presented as they created it. Several artists contributed notes and statements about their work.


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This was the original cover concept for my recent book of poems “Viva Miscegenation,” just rediscovered it on my hard drive. Couldn’t use it because I couldn’t get permissions for the photograph. Liked the idea a lot, a book of poems designed like a jazz CD insert.



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A little jpg poster I designed several months ago which I post for my own record.

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This event has long past but I never posted the invite to this blog (Facebook has taken over most of that type of business, unfortunately).


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The L.A. Telephone Book is a collection of new work by contemporary Southern California writers and text-artists compiled and designed by poet and digital artist Brian Kim Stefans (that is, me).

The volume is free for download from Mediafire (see links below).

The collection was created based on a semi-open call to writers and artists for up to 7 pages of work, set in 6 x 9 in .pdf format, which were then assembled into the present file. All choices were made by the artists and presented as they created it. Several artists contributed notes and statements about their work.

Mediafire download

PDF (33mb)

ZIP (30mb)

Facebook page:

This volume includes work by:

Harold Abramowitz
Amanda Ackerman
Danielle Adair
Will Alexander
Rae Armantrout
Therese Bachand
Julia Bloch
Allison Carter
Andrew Choate
Selby Cole
Brent Cox
Zen Dochterman
Ben Doller
Sandra Doller
Amy Dozier
Johanna Drucker
Kate Durbin
Sesshu Foster
Matt Gangi
K. Lorraine Graham
Anna Guercio
Larkin Higgins
Jen Hofer
Jibade-Khalil Huffman
Andrea Lambert
Janice Lee
Eric Lindley
Tess. Lotta
Barbara Maloutas
Andrew Maxwell
Anna Mayer
William Mohr
Joseph Mosconi
William Poundstone
Christopher Russell
Anthony Seidman
David Shook
Irene Soriano
Brian Kim Stefans
Mathew Timmons
David L. Ulin
Paul Vangelisti
Mark Wallace
Jacqueline Waters
Christine Wertheim
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Digital Humanities “Jam”: A Workshop Seminar

Friday, April 15th, 10-2
CDH “Laptop Room,” Room B01
LuValle Café (enter down stairs from south side)

Light refreshments will be provided; please RSVP.


The goal of this seminar is to consider ways in which graduate students in English and other departments of the humanities can integrate Digital Humanities into their research and scholarship. The structure of the seminar is as follows: early in the semester we will meet for a “jam session” on the digital humanities, during which students will be introduced to the concepts, technologies, and projects that are associated with the field. Students will be given an overview of work specific to UCLA, both by faculty and students, as well as in other universities when they speak of “digital humanities.” Students will then begin to consider how they can create projects that are integrated into their present research while taking advantage of digital technology, or at least the insight provided by theorists in the field.

Some Useful Links

UCLA Center for Digital Humanities
Where you can find all information about related faculty, the Graduate Certificate, research projects, etc.

UCLA Digital Humanities Reading Group (sign up)
Listserv for DH lectures, workshops, job opportunities, etc.

United States Digital Humanities Academic Programs
Set of links to other major DH programs

UCLA HyperCities
One of the several major UCLA DH projects, especially valuable to literary studies

UCLA The Institute for Digital Research and Education (research projects)
Overview of IDRE-HASIS research projects at UCLA

UCLA Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts
Mathew Fisher’s huge online links archive of medieval manuscripts from around the world

UCLA Game Lab
Exciting new research and design/programming lab at Design/Media Arts with fab website

Electronic Literature Collection, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2
Collections of Electronic Literature, the first co-edited by N. Katherine Hayles, the co-edited second by myself

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I was throwing a party in my very unstable house in Philadelphia and wanted to strongly recommend, in fact command, my guests not to flush anything down the second-floor toilet that might clog it. So I created a simple “Uncle George Says…” poster in Photoshop that stated just that, but had so much fun doing it that I had to create more and hang them around the house.

In hindsight, the writing’s not all that good, but I think the concept of crafting an extended, largely paratactic George Carlin rant about things plummeting into the void, and that veers off into the political and surreal, is still interesting.

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Here’s the little poster I designed for the premiere of Themes Out of School at Stockton College (see below for links to the online version). Click to enlarge.

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stefans baus poster.jpg

Thursday, December 6th 7pm FREE
Teachers & Writers Collaborative
520 8th Ave, Suite 2020
A,C,E, to Penn Station

wine, cheese reception to follow

Brian Kim Stefans’ recent books of poetry are Kluge: A Meditation (Roof Books) and What Is Said to the Poet Concerning Flowers (Factory School). A book of interviews and criticism, Before Starting Over, was published by Salt Book in 2006. He teaches new media studies at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey and lives in Philadelphia, PA.

Eric Baus is the author of The To Sound (Wave Books), Tuned Droves (Octopus Books, forthcoming), and several chapbooks. He is a contributing editor for PENNsound and publishes Minus House chapbooks. He lives in Denver.

Mobile Libris will be selling books.

“Hope I die before I get there!” — Pete Townshend.


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I got caught up in a fever a couple of years ago and started creating this book, which collects my collaborations with Sianne Ngai, Judith Goldman and Jeff Derksen among others, and contains a lot of poems that I never put in my books, occsionally because they just “didn’t fit,” but also because I either forgot about them or didn’t like them at the time, though like them now.

It’s been for sale at Lulu for a few months now but I’ve held off telling anyone about it, but I’ve read from the book at a few readings over the past month and people have been asking about it. So here it is. I’m pretty happy with it — have finally stopped tweakng the shit out of it — and I really like the cover, which features a painting by a Stockton student named Mike Bruno.

The back cover features Charlotte Rampling in a still from “Zardoz,” with the words “It’s Not Time” floating over her — that was the original title of the book, but it’s now just the title of the second section, of “early poems.”

Other features of the book: more translations from Rimbaud, as well as Apollinaire, Jules Laforgue, Emile Nelligan, Guido Gozzano and Virgil; another short play I wrote called “Being John Malkovich”; some more crazy computer-assisted gobbledy-gook; a series of sound translations of Rilke’s “Sonnets to Orpheus”; my one and only collaboration with my little sister, Cindy; leftover visual poems from my first book, Free Space Comix as well as the visual poems that have been on for nearly a decade (with a few more that don’t appear there); two New York School sestinas and other brands of Ashberian ooze; more stuff in the style of “Les Assis” from my last book; etc.

Pasted below the blurb from the site is the acknowledgements page so you can see where this stuff comes from. Not all of the poems I’ve published appear in it — I tried to keep the quality high and threw away a ton of garbage, just for you. Some of the really old poems have actually only appeared recently in print because they give me that old Language tingling sensation in my toes.


“Booty, Egg On” includes poetry mostly from the nineties, as well as translations of Virgil, Rimbaud, Guido Gozzano, Apollinaire, Jules LaForgue and Emile Nelligan. Collaborators include Judith Goldman (the Haki Pok poems), Jeff Derksen (“Mao’s Gift to Nixon”), Stephen Rodefer, Sianne Ngai (“The Cosmopolitans”) and the poet’s sister Cindy Stefans. Poems have previously appeared in Chain, The Impercipient, dANDelion, Callaloo, Drunken Boat, Premonitions, Interlope and the Asian Pacific America Journal among other places. Previous books by Brian Kim Stefans include Kluge: A Meditation (Roof, 2007), What Is Said to the Poet Concerning Flowers (Factory School, 2006), Before Starting Over: Essays and Interviews (Salt Publishing, 2006) and Fashionable Noise: On Digital Poetics (Atelos, 2003). He runs, devoted to new media poetry and poetics, and his blog is Free Space Comix, at 

Arras: “The Golden Age of Swimwear,” “At the Entrance of the Arbor”
Asian Pacific American Journal: “Author Photo,” “Calypso”
Bard Papers: “Houseboat”
Callaloo: “Fact’s Bird,” “A Bronx Tambourine”
Chain: “Folk Music,” “Heritage”
dANDelion: “Mao’s Gift to Nixon”
Drunken Boat: “Countering the Luddite Itch with a Tin Switch,” “Dailies,” “Jim Jarmusch”
First Intensity: “The Storm,” “Free to be Yu and Mee,” “Poem 33”
580 Split: “Cheqw!,” “The Royal Life (As Told To…)”
Hodos: “A Dream of Winter,” “Poem, ‘As'”
The Impercipient: “Poem (Thank the gales…),” “Poem (Now…),” “Scattered Norm”
Interlope: “The Cosmopolitans”
Itsynccast “Angeles”
Jacket: “The Apple Generation,” “Pastoral Disposal”
Model Homes: “Before Odilon Redon,” “Postlude: the appropriation of peach,” “The Streets of Baghdad”
Mora: “Wednesday’s Children”
Object: “Thermosaging Wayne”
Ocho: “White Sestina,” “Complaint of Pierrot”
Poetic Inhalation: “Very Light and Sweet”
Premonitions: The Kaya Anthology of Asian American Poetry: “Astoria”
Read me: “Frances Chung’s Booklist”
Trowel: “from The Aeneid”
Ubu: Visual Poems
We 19: “Mutter Tongue (To Hearing),” “Thugs”

“Mon Canard” appeared in Stephen Rodefer’s book of poems Mon Canard (the Figures, 2000). A later version of “Mao’s Gift to Nixon” appeared in Jeff Derksen’s book of poems Transnational Muscle Cars (Talonbooks, 2003). A shorter version of “Booty, Egg On” is available for free download on the website    Send article as PDF   

Life just isn’t fun without new posters to design. Here’s one for a project I’m starting at Stockton.

overdrive poster small.jpg

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The trim size has changed on the book, and the publisher’s didn’t like the new cover I had designed (see below) which I confess is a bit strange. Anyway, so now we’re back with the old cover, but in a more horizontal shape.

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