August 2006

I’ve always wanted to share a stage with Harmony Korine… anyway, check them out, or check them out from my blog, same thing.



Without much delay & with no apology, more from Brian Kim Stefans. This is ‘early’ work from 2004 & Barney quite clearly has an experimental stamp to it -Stefans describes it as at least in part an homage to Alvin Lucier’s great sound piece “I am Sitting in a Room”. Popahna in my view is something altogether more substantial – there’s so much of interest happening here, both performance wise & in directorial terms. OK, it walks the occasional fine line but in sum it’s haunting & utterly compelling. Stefans contrives to give it an immensely powerful narrative forward drive whilst still remaining nuanced, dreamlike & deeply odd. Feels like a feature film that has been shrunk to 11 minutes by a wicked fairy. Great stuff.    Send article as PDF   

“I’m sick of these motherfucking books on my motherfucking truck!”

But I’m here, for the few of you who care, in a rather strange neighborhood on 16th and Girard, in a spacious 3-bedroom apartment (I have one roommate at the moment, looking for another) at the same price I was paying for my largish but warped place in Billysburg (and that, way under market value). But fear not: there are hipsters galore in this town–I spotted a few members of the shaggy set just yesterday–but a whole lot more!

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Here are four designs I’ve come up with for a new book of mine. Just FYI, I don’t have much else to report except my move to Philadelphia, hopefully to be completed by late August. I’m going with the last one… click to enlarge.


kluge_front_cover_new_idea3merged_high_contrast copy.jpg

kluge_front_cover_new_idea3merged_high_contrast_solarized2 copy.jpg


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