February 2010

I’ve had a small handful of radio and live appearances (that have been boobtubed) appear happen over the past year. Here they are:


The iotaWeekly
February 16-21, 2010

Clip of the Week: “January 2010 iotaSalon Q&A with Brian Kim Stefans”
by iotaCenter
Site of the Week: The Rio Carnival 2010 Guide
Artist of the Week: Audri Phillips

More info at The Iota Center


Free Verse: Digital Poetry with Oni Buchanan and Brian Kim Stefans
Walker Art Center
Hosted by Eric Lorber
November 11, 2009

More info at The Walker Art Center


Macramé (Mexico City)
In Spanish and English
Hosted by Jorge Betanzos
Introduction by Román Luján


Septiembre 7 – Tenemos la primera sesión netamente internacional en Macramé. Nos acompaña el poeta estadounidense Brian Kim Stefans, quien ha publicado varios libros de poemas, como Free Space Comix (Roof Books, 1998), Gulf (Object Editions, 1998, descargable a través de ubu.com) y Angry Penguins (Harry Tankoos, 2000), entre varios más. Su más reciente título publicado es What Does It Matter? fue editado en Barque Press. Es el editor de /ubu (”diagonal invertida ubu”), una serie de libros en www.ubu.com/ubu y es creador de arras.net, sitio dedicado a la poesía y la poética de nuevos medios. Su arte en internet y sus poemas digitales, como el caso de The Truth Interview (with Kim Rosenfield) y Flash Polaroids aparecieron en Ubu, Rhizome, How2, Jacket and Turbulence. Como podemos apreciar, la carrera de Brian Kim Stefans cuenta con una basta producción y es reputado en Estados Unidos como uno de los poetas de nuevas generaciones con mayor propuesta en el nuevo panorama de la poesía. No te pierdas esta charla, la primera bilingüe en Macramé.


Ceptuetics Radio
Hosted by Karreen Estefan
June 18, 2008

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Unless 4 feet of snow rain down on Santa Cruz a week from now, I’ll be appearing at this conference with a few others you might know, such as Vanessa Place, Kasey Mohammed, Juliana Spahr, Craig Dworkin, Karen Yameshita, Walter Lew and David Buuck. (At least, those are the ones I know.)

Tree-tall man Charles Olson was not invited, but I promise to doodle some circles on my PowerPoint slides.

Here’s the propaganda:

This conference invites participation in a series of dialogues about the role of the poet-scholar. As a practitioner of poetry or other “imaginative” writing and more theoretical or critical work, the poet-critic or poet-scholar works both inside and outside the university. How do these two activities come together to affect the reading and writing practices of poet-critics and their readership? Since many poet-critics are read within college classrooms or are themselves professors or teachers, we are interested in the pedagogical implications of their writing practices. The conference is an occasion for dialogue across genres, disciplines, readerships and pedagogical practices and focuses on the ways writing practices can encourage creative and critical thinking.

The conference consists of six panels with three papers and invited respondents; a pedagogy colloquium; and poetry readings. Respondents will consist of invited guests and UCSC faculty.

Conference Schedule

[Hmmm, just realized I’m not reading. I guess that means I’m not getting paid!]

Daytime Panels: Humanities 210, UCSC

Friday, March 12
9-9:30am:Welcome address by conference organizers


Panel 1: Historicizing the Poet as Intellectual: Respondent David Lau
Evan Kindley, Juliana Leslie, Jacqueline Weeks

11am-12pm:Lunch and Informal Poetry Reading

Panel 2: Poetics and Reading Methodologies: Respondent Juliana Spahr
Amanda Lim, Alta Ifland, Surya Parekh


Poetry in the Classroom: Pedagogy Colloquium: Moderated by Kasey Mohammed. Confirmed Panelists: Micah Perks, Karen Yamashita, David Buuck, Emily Carr


Panel 3: Poetic Epistemologies and Alternative Forms of Scholarship: Respondent Sina Queyras
Stan Apps, Zachary Caple, Alex Papanicolopoulos

Evening Poetry Readings: Felix Culpa Gallery, Downtown Santa Cruz
Place, Dworkin, Wilson, Mohammad

Saturday, March 13
Please bring a lunch to campus as food vendors are closed or have limited hours. (See blog for suggestions.)


Panel 4: Writing and Thinking Between Genres: Respondent Vanessa Place
Lily Robert Foley, Emily Carr and Erin Wunker, Adrian Acu

Lunch and Informal Poetry Reading


Panel 5: Poetic Conceptualisms and Poetic Productions: Respondent Craig Dworkin
Brian Kim Stefans, Keegan Finberg, David Buuck


Panel 6:
Poetry and Pedagogy: Respondent: Rob Wilson
Rebekah Edwards, Walter Lew, Eireene Nealand

Evening Poetry Reading: Felix Culpa Gallery, Downtown Santa Cruz
Lau, Spahr, Queyras

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I’m particularly excited about this as I’ve been a fan of Poundstone’s work for years (and even interviewed him for the Iowa Review Web), and Mancini, who I first met quite recently in Vancouver, is a very interesting artist and smart guy. So go.

A Reading
at Beyond Baroque
27 February, Saturday, 2010 – 7:30 PM
facebook link


Hosted by Mathew Timmons in association with Les Figues Press.

GREGORY BETTS is a poet, scholar, editor, and curator from St. Catharines, Ontario. His books include If Language (Book Thug) and The Others Raisd in Me (Pedlar).

DONATO MANCINI, hailing from Vancouver, B.C., is author of two books of procedural and visual poetry, Ligature (New Star) and Æthel (New Star), both nominated for the ReLitAward and will publish Buffet World (New Star) in 2010. He co-directed the world’s first in-world avatar documentary AVATARA (2003).

VANESSA PLACE is a writer, lawyer, and co-director of Les Figues Press. Recent and forthcoming books include The Guilt Project (Random House), La Medusa (The University of Alabama), and with Robert Fitterman, Notes on Conceptualisms (UDP).

WILLIAM POUNDSTONE has written 12 nonfiction books, most recently Priceless and Gaming the Vote (Hill and Wang). His electronic literature has been featured in The Believer and many web publications.

CHRISTINE WERTHEIM is the author of +|’me’S-pace (Les Figues), 4 LUV ALONE, and Corpus (Triage). She has edited the anthologies Feminaissance and with Matias Veigener, Seancé, and The /n/oulipian Analects.

This event is supported by Poets & Writers, Inc. through a grant it has received from The James Irvine Foundation.

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Language Arts Live: Bates’ series of literary presentations offers a reading and performance by Brian Kim Stefans, a poet, professor of English and creator of acclaimed Web-based work that influenced new-media poetics. Sponsored by the English department, the Bates Humanities Fund, the Learning Associates Program and the John Tagliabue Fund for Poetry.

February 4 at 7:30 pm

Chase Hall Lounge
56 Campus Avenue, Lewiston

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