My new book is out! Can be ordered from the publisher, Factory School, or from Small Press Distribution. Beautiful cover photograph by poet/everyman Tim Davis.


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What is Said to the Poet Concerning Flowers

Brian Kim Stefans


Factory School. 2006. 148 pages, perfect bound, 6.5×9.

ISBN: 1-60001-048-2

$14 / $12 direct order

Description: Collecting poems from the past six years, What Is Said to the Poet Concerning Flowers is Stefans’ most ambitious book to date. Includes the successful chapbooks “The Window Ordered to be Made,” “Jai lai For Autocrats” and “Cull.” “What Does It Matter?,” a chapbook published in England in 2005, is a long sequence that updates Ezra Pound’s “Hugh Selwyn Mauberley” by 100 years, several wars and with a change of neighborhood (London for Williamsburg, Brooklyn).