My book of reviews, essays and interviews is out:


Before Starting Over
Selected Writings and Interviews 1994-2005

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Notes and Acknowledgements xi
Introduction xiii

Before Starting Over 1
“Poet-Critic” 3

I. Six Reviews 5
Tan Lin ‘BlipSoak01’ 7
Christian Bök ‘Eunoia’ 14
Kevin Davies ‘Comp.’ 20
Bruce Andrews ‘Paradise & Method: Poetics & Praxis,’
Lyn Hejinian ‘The Language of Inquiry’ 26
Alice Notley ‘Disobedience’ 34
W. S. Graham ‘New Collected Poems’ 41

II. Asian American Poetry 53
On The Introduction to ‘The Open Boat’ 55
A Search for Lost Time: A Review of Walter K. Lew’s
‘Excerpts from Δikth/DIKTE for DICTEE (1982)’ 61
Remote Parsee: A Grammar of Alternative Asian
North American Poetry 71

III. A Poetics of Virtuosit y 109
A Poetics of Virtuosity 111

IV. Life and Contacts 143
“After Language Poetry” 145
Veronica Forrest-Thomson 148
Fence Letter 154
Ezra Pound 159
Open Letter to Brendan Lorber 164
Frank O’Hara 169
Bruce Andrews 172
When Lilacs Last In The Door: Notes On New Poetry 175
Jeff Derksen ‘Dwell’ 184
Tim Davis ‘Dailies’ 190
Jennifer Moxley ‘Wrong Life’ 195
Suzanne Dathe, Grenoble, France — Can We Win?
Notes On Carol Mirakove’s Poetry 201
Steve McCaffery 205
Blogs 212
Silliman Commentaries 214

V. Digital Poetics 239
Interview 241
Statement for University of Orono, Maine 245
Hacktivism? I didn’t know the term existed before I did it . . . 248
Statement for Slought: “Digital Fever: Archiving Art and Poetry Online” 260
Interview with Brian Kim Stefans re /UBU EDITIONS 263
Toward a Poetics for Circulars 269
Interview for Albanian Paper 289
Privileging Language: The Text in Electronic Writing 296

VI. Little Reviews 317
Jeff Derksen ‘Transnational Muscle Cars’ 319
Bill Luoma ‘Works & Days’ 321
Stacy Doris ‘Conference’ 324
Dan Farrell ‘Last Instance’ 326
Renee Gladman ‘Juice’ 328
Kenneth Goldsmith ‘Day’ 330
Jessica Grim ‘Fray’ 332
Pamela Lu ‘Pamela: A Novel’ 335
Christophe Tarkos ‘Ma Langue est Poétique — Selected Work’ 339
Rodrigo Toscano ‘Partisans’ 341
Jose Garcia Villa ‘The Anchored Angel: Selected Writings’ 343
Caroline Bergvall ‘Goan Atom’ 346
Darren Wershler-Henry ‘The Tapeworm Foundry’ 350
Susan Wheeler ‘Source Codes’ 355
Joel Kuszai (editor) ‘poetics@’ 357

Bibliography 361