When Bush reigns, I pour (bore?)… My review of seven books of poetry for Boston Review is now online. The following books are covered:

Bird & Forest
Brent Cunningham
Ugly Duckling Presse, $10 (paper)

The Best of My Love
Aaron Kiely
Ugly Duckling Presse, $10 (paper)

Carol Mirakove
Kelsey St. Press, $10 (paper)

Eugene Ostashevsky
Ugly Duckling Presse, $12 (paper)

Mark Wallace
Edge, $12.50 (paper)

Mad Science in Imperial City
Shanxing Wang
Futurepoem, $14 (paper)

Telling the Future Off
Stephanie Young
Tougher Disguises, $14.95 (paper)

A bunch of people seem to come to this coffee shop specifically to practice sounding pretentious in European languages. I’ve been hearing the phrase “einzige Tag” from this woman waving her arms wildly in the corner across the room. “Einzige Tag… einzige tag…” Geez Louise.

Now some girl who looks like she’s twelve years old has sat down in the table next to me — she’s plugging in her laptop now. I just hope she doesn’t go on about the “fin de siecle” or “cafe au lait” or some such rubbish!