Below are the results of my internet searches and Facebook status update responses concerning “experimental” or “underground” theater and dance in Los Angeles. Not all of this could be called “experimental” — the Blank Theater Company, for example — but I’ve included them just for my own perverse reasons.

I’ve seen nothing by most of these writers, directors or groups, except for things ar REDCAT, notably a production by my brilliant friend Melanie Rios Glaser and her company The Wooden Floor.

I’m excited to see Alice Tuan here. I had never heard of her, but according to her biography, she’s done work with the Flea back in New York. Most of my best theater experiences were through the Flea and the writers associated with Mac Wellman and the “Little Theatre” series curated by Jeffrey Jones, so I’m interested in seeing what she does. She also studied with Paula Vogel, with whom I studied (for one semester) out at Brown.

If you know of any other writers, directors or organizations that belong here, please let me know!

Alice Tuan / CalArts

Anatomy Riot (Show Box)

Bootleg Theater

Bryan Reynolds / Transversal

CalArts School of Theater

Circle X Theatre Co.

Circus Theatricals

City Garage

Cornerstone Theater Company

Diavolo Dance Theater

Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre

Highways Performance Space and Gallery

Hollywood Fringe Festival

Mady Schutzman / CalArts

Meg Wolfe

Melanie Rios Glaser / The Wooden Floor

Not Man Apart Physical Theatre Ensemble

Odyssey Theatre Ensemble

Orphean Circus

Poor Dog Group

Psatticus Productions


Rogue Machine press

Sacred Fools

Simone Forti

Son of Semele Ensemble

Susan Simpson / The Manual Archives

The Blank Theater Company

The Actors Gang

The SpyAnts Theater Company

The Underground Theater Online

Theatre 68

Theatre of Note

Travis Preston / CalArts

Upright Citizens Brigade

Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group