I’ve been playing around with Lulu.com, a print-on-demand publisher, for the past several months, making little books, experimenting with cover designs, having them printed and sent to me, etc. Kind of testing the waters to see if I want to be a print publisher with Arras again, since I’ve been enjoying print design much more than web work lately.

It’s been fun if a bit solipsistic considering I’ve been using early and “uncollected” poems of mine. Yes, vanity indeed. But I’m done now, just “finalized” this collection which I guess is available for purchase at Lulu. I’ve tried to keep the shite out.

Don’t tell Charlotte Rampling–I know she’s on your Facebook account somewhere–that I’m using her face for the back cover. It’s a promotional still for the science fiction big budget B-bonanza starring Sean Connery and a number of British extras called “Zardoz,” which is probably a better name for an anti-anxiety medication than “Xanax” IMHO.

its_not_time_back_web.jpg  its_not_time_front_web.jpg