[Here’s an announcement about an event I’ll be reading it in New York this Friday…]

The Theatre of a Two-headed Calf  and Paul Willis bring you:

Salon-Saloon #9

Friday, December 15
Party starts at 8.

Performances start at 9.

Winter Company performs electronics(Paula Matthusen & Jenny Olivia Johnson)
Brian Kim Stefan reads
Johanna Meyer dances
Michelle Handelman shows some video

The Loft of Paul Willis in DUMBO
135 Plymouth #305

F Train to York

$5 gets you in
$10 gets you in and 3 drinks
$20 and you drink for free all night
$50 = happy ending

Beer and Wine and maybe something Holiday-ish…

Biographical Stuff

Here’s something totally great that Paula Matthusen did: www.fillingvessels.com

Here’s where you can watch videos and performance of Michelle Handelman: www.michellehandelman.com. There’s one under “performance” called Passerby>Ghost Sites that I love.

Here’s the fascinating poetry etc… website that Brian Kim Stefans runs: www.arras.net

Johanna Meyer has creating and performed dance/theater at all the big places (DTW, Movement Research, PS 122, etc…) and will perform an excerpt from her new piece BEARSHOW.

Can’t wait!