Working on the book cover of my forthcoming Roof Book, Kluge: A Meditation, and other works. Some stuff from my Brown days of yore (including a play and two short essays) and some older things that are offered as proof of my artistic decline (er, awakening).

“The Further Adventures of Oedipus Mess in the Countess’ Second’s Flat” is the long opening poem, symptomatic of oh about everything. Kind of in the “What Does It Matter?” mode, but more astract expressionistic — lots of page splatter.

The guy in the photograph is me. I didn’t talk some young man to strip to his blue underpants for my camera (but with no air conditioning in sweltering summer, when I thought air conditioning was bourgeois, it was not hard to convince myself to strip).

Photos taken in my Williamsburg days prior to moving to Providence when I was still very excited about taking photographs (alas, some of that is coming back).

kluge_front_cover_new_type copy.jpg