This might very well qualify as my first ever autobiographical post on this or any other blog with the exception of Facebook, where I mostly just lie. But anyway, these are my summer plans (because, alas, I have them!).

  1. Figure out how to break my lease in my present apartment without losing lots and lots of money (and my dignity).
  2. Put all of my stuff in storage and go to Montreal for two months and live in a cheap (even free) room and learn French.
  3. Develop my several new classes for Stockton College, including Modernist Literature, Video Game Narrative Studies, and American Experimental Theater. (By “develop” I mean learn something about these subjects — like, read shit. And play LOTS of video games…).
  4. Develop a handful of new sites for Stockton such as the NMS site and something called “The Fhiz” (which might very well be “The Flaht”).
  5. Finish the websites for friends that I have already been paid for that I have been putting off for two and a half years.
  6. Drive my car to New Mexico for no other reason than to listen to a lot of music and because Vincent Gallo did it.
  7. Find a new apartment in Philadelphia. (Near the Chinatown bus. Near the hipsters of Fishtown. Near the art galleries. Near something.)
  8. Drive to Bard, drive to Long Island, drive to New Jersey, oh just drive.
  9. Writing projects: I have three plays I want to write (or one play that has three stories, not quite sure — all about DAMAGED PEOPLE) and a short novel that takes place in Philadelphia in the 19th century, soon after the completion of the Eiffel Tower in Philadelphia’s City Center (you see, France had offered us this crappy statue of a woman holding a bunch of flowers but we declined — not modern (read: masculine) enough — so they gave us, instead, this other thing that was in the works, a big pointy triangular phallus-type thing made entirely of metal — a metal banana! — which we liked and thought would be a great place to hang the Liberty Bell, hence its placement in this great city and not off the coast of the East Village — the premise of my novel. Oh, and it’s steampunk).
  10. Do something about the screenplays I have written (like, burn them).

I have other things in mind, but ten is a good number. Interpersonal stuff? I haven’t gotten to that stage on my blog. But in case you ever need to call me, or target me for some dastardly deed, at least you know, roughly, where I be.

Here’s something personal: I might get a CAT.