In addition to my albatross, “Introduction to New Media Studies,” I am teaching the following courses next year at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. I encourage all of you to apply.

LITT 3127: Modernist Literature
A broad survey of literature of the “modern” period (approximately 1900-1950) in Europe and America, with an emphasis on formal innovation — Brecht’s “epic theater,” Woolf’s stream-of-consciousness, Eliot’s use of pastiche, etc. – with some consideration of concurrent developments in the visual arts, music, philosophy and technology. 

LITT 3xxx: Experimental Writing Workshop
Prerequisite: Intro to Creative Writing
A workshop geared toward the writer – poet, playwright, story and non-fiction writer – who wishes to experiment with a wide array of writing practices and formal strategies, both traditional (sestinas, villanelles, alliterative verse) and experimental (cut-ups, constraint-based, visual, hypertext, etc.).

LITT 2xxx: Video Game Narrative Studies
An introductory course that examines where fields of ludology — the study of games — and narratology — the study of story and plot — converge, including sessions on indie games, MMORPGs, serial fictions, social represtentation and game design “auteurs.” CSIS and ARTV students encouraged to apply.

GAH 3xxx: American Experimental Theater
A survey of contemporary poetic and experimental theater, including established figures such as Mac Wellman, Richard Foreman, The Wooster Group, Sam Shepherd, Maria Irene Fornes, Spalding Gray, Charles Mee and Susan-Lori Parks and newcomers Richard Maxwell, Young Jean Lee, Madelyn Kent and International WOW Company.