These poems from my year living in a rooming house Chelsea around 1994. I was working through various influences and hit upon a style that seemed somewhere in the milieu of Williams, Mayakovsky, O’Hara and Schuyler. The main attempt was to work with language on a granular level and move away from the fluidity of Ashbery which could be addictive. I think the Mac SE, bought used about three years after everyone got theirs and my first computer, might have been the biggest influence on these poems, but I also used typewriters at my office and at home, sometimes challenging myself to take perfectly banal or awful lines at the start and crafting something like a poem from it. I was working at MoMA at the time and faxing poems back and forth to Jordan Davis, Robert Kelly and on occasion Tim Davis. The first “set” are poems I thought at the time (1994) were representative of the “Little Orphan Animal” style while the rest have been culled from my papers at the time. A few of these appeared in the journal “First Intensity” in the infamous Araki Yasusada issue, my first published poems.

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