I’m happy to announce that two Stockton efforts from the Spring 2008 semester are finally online. Check them out, and send to friends!

“Themes Out of School”

Themes Out of School (part 1 of 5) from Brian Stefans on Vimeo.

A 45-minute featurette made by the students of the Indie Films and Filmmakers class of Stockton College, Spring 2008.

Five short interlinked movies that follow the lives of students in the South Jersey area, ranging from “Clerks”-style slacker humor to deeper, quieter meditations on youth identity — and a lot of beyond and in-between!

Directors include Patrick Dawson, Kelly Cochran, Jakob Strunk, Sarah Hinkle and Brian Blazak. There is a cast of millions, notably Clarence Pugh, Maryellen Dierkes, Garrett Stites, Jackie Dunay, Meredith Malloy, Scott Staglias, Michael Clark, Brian Sullivan, Brittany Caserta, Brittany Tenpenny, Derek Forrest, Keri Tinagero, Anthony Mauriello, Pamela Staszczak, Geoff Kuinmir, Donald Blair and Sean Herman. Also starring Nathan Long as the Nutty Professor.

It’s on Youtube, but also on Vimeo, which has MUCH better video quality:



“The I-wing Nomad (A Musical)”

The I-wing Nomad is a collaborative musical that takes place in the G-wing cafeteria at Stockton College. It relates the story of Alex, a student who spent an entire semester living in the rafters of I-wing (based on a true story) and the dogged pursuit of two nosey Argo reporters to find out who he is (not based on a true story). A staged reading of the play occured May 2nd, 2008, in the G-wing cafeteria from 2 to 2:30 while it was still open.

The play is a sort of rondo, with four sets of actors playing four versions of the same characters, a form inspired by the plays of Maria Irene Fornes, Jeffrey Jones and David Ives. And there are songs — inspired by Willy Wonka, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Don Felder, and David Bowie!

Authors include Joshua Baechle, A J Colubiale, Cathleen Dower, Maureen Egan, William English, Rachael Finley, Kristy King, Christopher Kocher, Angela Kramer, Sarah Lyman, Timothy Merle, Molly Minehan, Marilyn Mitchell, Scott Oliver, Preston Porter, Jessica Schlueter, Zack Scott-Sedley, and Stephen Voloshin. Brian Kim Stefans and Rachael Finley did the final edits.

Any visual glitches are due to errors on the cheap video tape we used during filming.


You can read the play here: