This blog post title is taken from one of the links below, a new slew of minor hits, this time using the single word “Toadex” in Google.

Nothing incredibly revealing here except that there is a “Toadex” appearing on a few forum pages (Newgrounds, for example), and there seems to be more evidence of actual correspondence between Mr. Toadex and a few blog authors.

These links are a mess; some are already from my previous post but I don’t feel like weeding out the doubles.

Some literary analysis of a recent Dagmar Chili post:
Correspondence with Toadex?

I think these are in the previous post:

Someone named Toadex contributed to these forums (probably more if I really searched):

More correspondence:

Nothing to do with our author, I think, but the cane toad chemical called Toadex:

Synthetic Zero
Another Toadex watcher from back in the day:
And folllowing, some correspondence:

Someone named Toadex contributes to this as well:

This has nothing to do with our author, but the great line that forms this post title is from here. Bonney’s translations of Baudelaire are interesting.

Green in Australia
Information on “Toadex,” a spray for killing cane toads:

Control of cane toads is extremely difficult. Reproductive potential is high. Traditional techniques of dispatch are painful for the animal. Toadex is a new commercial spray product specifically for cane toads. However freezing is the most humane way to kill them. A CSIRO research program to investigate possible biological control options is in progress.

Evon Evonchoo
The Google search for Toadex led me to this blog which also engages in some strange language play, for example:

toadex went sch , supposed tuu miit ddear e lorhx , bud she cant make iit , den neber go , ad fiirst iintend tuu skiip sch and go shopshop wiiv her !!! L0ls ..
had sum funn iin e recess , chungg told miie tat e church hab dunnoe wad iindustriiex programme , den she saex iie can joiin e fashiion iindustriiex , bud e fuckiin edna saex tiis : afta e LV iinciicdent , can she stiilll make iit ? iie wanna roar !! iie hab alreadiiex regreated wore lyetat and euur hab been laughiin ferr almost 1weeks le lehx !!! L0ls .. home-ed and catch sum tv and chated on phone wiiv edna jux nao ..

Dagmar Chili included in an online web gallery — without permission, of course — created by a group in Athens, Georgia.