Two people, my friend Anna Guercio in Los Angeles, and a Sphynx Cat lover named Allison Reynolds in Australia, managed to locate my header through Google image search. I could have sworn I tried that myself, but I guess I didn’t use the right terms. It’s an archived image of the header from a blog post on a site called Zero Strategist about blogs, and includes a snippet of the fab San Francisco MLA reading poster from December.

Unfortunately, it’s of a lower resolution than the original header, so I can’t take this image and blow it up without it being obviously deficient. But it’s neat to see that the fickle but generous memory of the internet has decided, somehow, to hold on my cats. (And thanks to Todd Pitt at Zero Strategist for using my blog as an example!)

I tried to find the image on the Wayback Machine but I guess this internet archive project just captures the code, not the multimedia aspects of websites, so Free Space Comix, which appears there in bits and pieces, has empty spaces where the header should be as well.