I’m working on creating a piece for Brown’s Cave, a 3D environment here that I don’t feel like explaining now (but if you want to find out about it, check out the Brown Cave Writing class website).

Basically, the idea is that you would maneuver around an environment that kind of felt like the International Space Station, or maybe a small solar system. Machines made of words would revolve around you, and as you moved past them, you’d hear bits of audio that suggested what these little poem machines had in them.

Here’s a little Maya demo movie of this first part.

Once you clicked on a poem, it would unfold before you, and you then had the ability to cycle through the subpoems, little surreal things that were written based on where the letters fell when you moved the lines about. Like the below (click on the words to move to next poem).

The full proposal can be found here: Ouija Poems.pdf. Well, I think it’s a cool idea.