I’ve recently redesigned Arras.net, the first redesign in seven years. The site’s no longer pretending to be a portal into the world of electronic literature — several other sites, such as the Electronic Literature Organization, do that much better — though I do hope to create a links page of some sort.

It is now pretty much a portfolio and launching pad for my own work in poetry, digital art, publishing, video, and whatever else I’m working on (poster art, software design, etc). The old site wasn’t very effective in terms of launching and promoting new work, and most people who visited didn’t know what work was mine and what by others (I sort of did that on purpose, hence the Reptillian Neolettrist Graphics moniker).

Still a lot of work to be done on the redesign; mostly just been shoveling stuff in there without editing text, resizing images, putting things in chronological order, etc. I’m particularly proud of the web design gallery, as I haven’t done too much freelance web design but a handful of the more recent sites I think are pretty cool.

BTW, Google has taken me off of their search engine temporarily as one of my other blogs (a very old one) got hacked, and Google started treating it (and hence all of Arras) as some sort of two-bit promoter of free logos, pharmaceuticals, and something else, I can’t remember. Oh yeah, hacked Microsoft software. In any case, I’ve reapplied for admission — Google really does own the web.