I’ve just put the video of my reading at La Bota in Mexico City up on Youtube.

It was a long reading, partly because a good number of the poems were read in Spanish (such as the rather long one, “We Make,” which was published in Tierra Adentro in Román Luján’s translation). Other poems read in Spanish by Román include “They’re Putting a New Door In” and “The Slush of Meaning” (which I actually translated myself with the help of Babelfish and Román).

There are forty minutes of it on Youtube, but the video actually doesn’t include the last three or four poems I read because the camera ran out of space. The Youtube also doesn’t have the introduction by Jorge Betanzos, most of which wasn’t recorded, but I’m going to put what part of it there is online soon.

Some really nice ambient noise in this recording. La Bota is the same restaurant where the paella party featured in my Facebook photo album took place. Good times.