Another poem “about” me, or at least the letters in my name. Came in last week, soon after the aforementioned Korean food day, but I decided to wait as, well, I can’t just post poems “about” me on this website. This one is by Juliette Lee, one of the authors of the group poem below.

She is, besides being an MFA student at UMass, the inventor of “gochunaise,” a “spicy red pepper paste spread that folks can use to make egg salads and the like.” When I was very little, my mother used to refer to my pee-pee as my “gochu,” so, um, I’m not sure how I feel about this.

I, by the way, have invented “bulgoka,” which is a cross between baloney and bulgoki. Yum.

Bring It 

Burned, rioted, idolized, annulled, new.
Koans impeach my star-terrified eyes,
fractious and now soluble.

But reticulated imminence announces, “Never
kill in mourning.” Surely triumph
elegizes for all (non)native speakers.

Bring rain in a new kiln,
(inside, manmade stereophonic
tremors). Emerge forgotten. Another
nearby story

begets runaways. Is anything
nonprofit? Kneel into my
sentence. Try escape. Framed
and now stable.