I have some amazing news, which is that Kate Valk of the Wooster Group, probably the coolest actor to have graced a New York stage (pictured above with Frances McDormand in “You, The Birdie!”), will be performing in my short play, “Where Stones Gather,” in the Play on Words poet’s theater festival this weekend.

She will be playing the part of “Kate Valk,” a part I did actually write with her in mind. I don’t know who they are getting to play Hanna Schygulla and Jason Robards (or the cheese) but I’m not too concerned — this is a dream come true. It will be directed by Tony Torn and take place in Richard Foreman’s theater at St. Mark’s Church. What an amazing thing! Thank you Cori and Tony and Lee Ann!

Even more amazing is the sexy cat drawing they are using on their flyer (I’m sure the boys above are happy). It’s titled “Two Great Tastes That Go Great Together”:

Plays On Words E- Flyer.jpg

The whole festival looks to be incredibly interesting, no doubt a high point in the New York poetry schedule this year. I wish I could make more of it but I’m not in Providence right now (though I’ll be in NY Friday night, fer shur). 

ontological hysteric incubator + the poetry project present
plays on words: a poets + theater festival
curated by lee ann brown + corina copp + tony torn

saint mark’s church may 11th-15th 2006
2nd ave + 10th street nyc
all shows 7pm @ the ontological theater
unless otherwise noted

thursday may 11th: opening night
micro-plays by poet+theater allstars
charles bernstein + anselm berrigan + kelly copper + francesco canguillo + nada gordon + may josephs + dana maisel + tom raworth + anne waldman + catherine wing + many more!
+ opening night PARTY!
10:30pm @ bowery poetry club
featuring tuli kupferberg’s DRINKING SONGS FOR MARX

friday may 12th: words by
charles borkhuis + brian kim stefans + david henderson

saturday may 13th: words by
laynie browne + carla harryman + julie patton

sunday may 14th : words by
bob holman / bob rosenthal + kevin killian / dodie bellamy

monday may 15th (8PM in the PARISH HALL): words by
reed bye + corina copp + rachel levitsky + chris stroffolino +genya turovskaya + rodrigo toscano + jacqueline waters

every night: special guest directors and performers!

Tickets: $7 per performance or $20 for festival pass
Opening Night Party @ BPC (308 Bowery) free admisson
for tickets: http://www.ontological.com/ or
212.352.3101 (theatermania) no additional fee
+ (cat by michelle rollman) !