Here are some picture taken by Abigail Child of the, uh, “production” of my play (see entry below).

“Where Stones Gather”

Ontological Hysteric Theater

Play on Words: A Poets + Theater Festival, May 12 2006.

Directed by Tony Torn

Kate Valk: Kate Valk
Hanna Schygulla: Angelica Torn
Jason Robards: Charles Bernstein
Old Men/Priests: Jim Fletcher, Pete Simpson, Tony Torn, Charles Bernstein


Hanna and Kate discuss ideas in the time before writing.


Charles Bernstein as Jason Robards


Jason and Kate discuss cell phones


Tony Torn as the Old Priest communing with… what else? cheese, as Pete Simpson looks on


The cast (most them) and playwright: (l-r) Angelica Torn, Kate Valk, Jim Fletcher, Charles Bernstein, BKS, Tony Torn