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the impercipient (requires acrobat plug-in)

Introduction by Jennifer Moxley:
Pillow Talk: A Short History of a Small Magazine

The Impercipient 1

Time to relive the nineties with an electronic reprint of the first issue of Jennifer Moxley's zine The Impercipient. Writing by: Lisa Jarnot, Brian Schorn, Sianne Ngai, Scott Bentley, Douglas Rothschild, Helena Bennett, Bill Luoma, Lee Ann Brown, Ben Friedlander, John Mignault and Moxley herself. Originally pubbed Feb 92.

64 pp., 260kb

The Impercipient 2

The second (much shorter) issue of the legendary "silent pillow of a generation," including new old writing by: Gale Nelson, Elizabeth Willis, Sianne Ngai, Karen Davies, Lisa Jarnot, Peter Gizzi, Brian Schorn, Gabriel Alfieri, and the editor, Jennifer Moxley. Published originally August 92.

44 pp., 148kb

The Impercipient 3

Issue 3, "designed for poets," contains writing by Lee Ann Brown, Gabriel Alfieri, Gale Nelson, Ray Jordan, Lisa Jarnot, Brian Barry, Jennifer Moxley, Douglas Rothschild, Robert Kocik, and Beth Anderson. Unflowered April 1993.

56 pp., 272kb

The Impercipient 4

Some new names here: Chris Stroffolino, Judith Goldman, Rod Smith, Damon Krukowski, Mark McMorris, J.L. Jacobs, Patrick Phillips, Kirstin Prevallet and Scott Bentley. Featuring really groovy cover art by Bill Luoma. Debuted in December 93.

52 pp., 224kb

The Impercipient 5

The "pink issue" premiered in May 1994, and featured Jessica Lowenthal, Peter Gizzi, Jeff Hull, Lisa Jarnot, Rob Fitterman, Lee Ann Brown, Magdalena Zurawski, Jennifer Moxley, Thad Ziolkowski, Joe Ross, and Kevin Davies.

58 pp., 256kb

The Impercipient 6

The silent pillow continues to roar with it's 6th issue of "poems for utopians," containing work by: Tanya Erzen, Jennifer Blackledge, Sally Silvers, Beth Anderson, Juliana Spahr, Mark Ducharme, Gale Nelson, Helena Bennett and yours truly.

50 pp., 201kb

The Impercipient 7

Did I say issue 5 was the "pink issue"? I meant this one, containing writing by: Dan Bouchard, Damon Krukowski, Rod Smith, Bill Luoma, Steve Carll, Kevin Davies, William Keckler, Joe Ross, Douglas Rothschild, Avery E.D. Burns and Connie Deanovich. This pillow issued June 1995.

80 pp., 333kb

The Impercipient 8

So ends our little travel back in time, the concluding issue containing work by: Camille Guthrie, Lisa Jarnot, Judith Goldman, Sianne Ngai, Jay Dillemuth, Brian Schorn, Bob Harrison and yours truly. Come back next fin-de-siecle for more exciting poetic adventures!

44 pp., 148kb

designed and edited by
brian kim stefans

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