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bruce andrews: poli sci

For those of you who like to be amazed, here are the complete political science writings of Language poet Bruce Andrews, written during a fertile early period of poetic activity that produced such milestones as Give 'Em Enough Rope and I Don't Have Any Paper So Shut Up.

i guess i'll work the time up

arras 5, part i

Featuring Darren Wershler-Henry, Tim Atkins, Edwin Torres, a. rawlings, Jacques Debrot, Lisa Jevbratt, Gregory Whitehead, Kent Johnson, Craig Dworkin, Kevin Killian, Brian Kim Stefans, Caroline Bergvall, Reptilian Neolettrist Graphics, Mara Gálvez-Bretón, Jordan Davis, Katherine Parrish

riddle me this

arras 5, part ii

Featuring Kevin Davies, Katie Degentesh, Ira Lightman, Carol Mirakove, Lisa Jevbratt, Christian Bök, Gary Sullivan, Dagmar's Chili Pitas, Alice Becker-Ho, Free Space Comix, derek beaulieu, Jessica Grim, Rodrigo Toscano, Kenneth Goldsmith, Robert Fitterman, Darren Wershler-Henry

riddle me this (again?)

The Impercipient

Time to relive the nineties with an electronic reprint of the 8 issues of Jennifer Moxley's "silent pillow of a generation," the poetry zine The Impercipient (1992-98), featuring new old writing by a host of familiar characters: Rod Smith, Lisa Jarnot, Bill Luoma, Brian Schorn, Kevin Davies, Lee Ann Brown and dozens more.

gimme summadat new lyric

Notes to Poetry

The collected chronicles of Steve Evans' reading, writing and thinking about poetry during the years 1998-1999, originally distributed by email to a list of subscribers. Also includes writing by Daniel Bouchard, Lytle Shaw and others.

165 pp., 576kb

Arras 4

Arras started as a print journal in 1996 and was turned into a web-zine in 1998. Arras 4 contains all of the poetry that appeared in the HTML version, including work by Louis Cabri, Magdalena Zurawski, Stacy Doris, Walter K. Lew, Stephen Rodefer, Haki Pok, Sianne Ngai, and an interview with Miles Champion.

100 pp., 452mb

Object 9: Inventory

Edited by Robert Fitterman with an introduction by Jeffrey T. Nealon, Object 9: Inventory is an anthology of poems that, in the words of the editor, exhibit a tendency toward "sampling" techniques, a digital advancement upon traditional collage methods. Originally published in a letter-size xerox edition.

145 pp., 1.1Mb

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