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reptilian neolettrist graphics

The Truth Interview, with Kim Rosenfield

Part interview, part portal, and all poetry, the "Truth Interview" was commissioned for the website of feminist poetics How2. Requires a java-enabled browser, the latest Shockwave plug-in, and a lot of clicking. Features various settings of Rosenfield's sequence "Verbali," as well as poetry by Sianne Ngai, Stephen Rodefer and others.

flash, shockwave, some realaudio
i'm ready

The Dreamlife of Letters

Long Flash animation poem in the tradition of the Brazilian concretists and some of the wackiness of Isidore Isou, with twist of avant-feminist lime. Also includes a gallery of "frozen gifs."

flash required
i wanna see

Eunoia: Chapter E

Christian Bök's Eunoia is fast becoming one of the most popular books of avant-garde poetry ever. Each chapter is only allowed the use of one vowel. This is a Flash setting I did for the Coach House Books website of chapter e.

flash required
sounds interesting

The Inkblot Record

A shockwave setting of the entirety of Dan Farrell's The Inkblot Record, a booklength poem comprised of an alphabetization of responses to Rorschach texts culled from old studies. An oddly unsettling reading experience, this setting augments the text with a dynamically generated inkblot that plays with your signs as you scan the signifiers. Also appears at Coach House Books.

shockwave required
whuh? huh?

Rational Geomancy

Quite literally a page out of the book of Steve McCaffery and bpNichol, a shockwave interactive animation that turns the book into a geography reminiscent of Lang's Metropolis, or at least that's my idea.

shockwave required
i liked that movie

The Overtures of Holograms: Poems of Roger Pellett

A brief foray into the adventure of a poetry "avatar," and also a mischievous take on the poetics of a certain idiosyncratic group of English poets, ricocheting back into a parody of the "plain style" of Robert Creeley.

did someone say malley?

The Naif and the Bluebells

A longish html/java/javascript poem that tends to give some browsers a hard time. I think it's all about the naive enthusiasm for doo-dads on the internet, or at least so the title suggests. An early piece, some of which has been recycled for "The Truth Interview."

i'm naive

Alpha Betty's Chronicles

The earliest piece here, this one uses only HTML. I ran a sequence of my poems through a C++ program that added HTML tagging according to certain simple algorithms. My Rabelasian answer to the white space of Mallarmé. You can also see Pax Tropicana and What I.

that mallarmé was a good chap

Chapbook Settings

Three HTML pieces from my earliest days: The White Wish by Andrea Brady, an American poet living in Cambridge, UK; Selections from Spleen by Nicholas Moore, satiric translations of the same Baudelaire poem, and Selections from Revolution of the Word by Abraham Lincoln Gillespie, essays by an eccentric American modernist whose style anticipates Language poetry.

my wish is your...

Dot-matrix Concrete

Very early ventures into graphic poetry, created on a Mac SE with the long-defunct Macdraw program: discoteque, dominie, feast, folk poetry, geneva, heritage, it tells me something, martenot, object, old medicine chest.

i miss disco

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