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Competitions and Exhibitions

FILE – Electronic Language International Festival is opening registrations for its seventh edition, that will be held at Sesi Paulista’s cultural space, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in the period from August 14 to September 3, 2006. Subscriptions are open from Febraury 10 to March 31, 2006. Submissions are free and open to professionals, researchers and students of the electronic language.

In the last six years, FILE has shown what’s been happening in the global networks related to digital and electronic arts, becoming a reference for studies and research on new media. It has exhibited web art, net art, artificial life, hypertext, computer animation, real time teleconference, virtual reality, soft art, games, interactive movies, e-videos, digital panoramas and electronic art installations and robotics, through interactive and immersive rooms.

FILE SYMPOSIUM has become a meeting point in the city of São Paulo, proposing discussions and tackling the electronic-digital culture in its relations to art, science and technologies.

FILE HIPERSÔNICA, the festival’s sonorous branch, is on it’s 4th edition and intends to elaborate connections between the world of images, the world of sonorities and the world of texts. Sound installations and real time performances will be presented by a number of groups and collectives, comprising both erudite and pop electronic music, but also electronic compositions, sound poetry, radio art, video music and sonic landscapes, as well as Djs and VJs presenting their sets through specific apparatus and installations with experimental and immersive projections.
For more information visit: 


CALL FOR ENTRY : Seoul Net Festival 2006The 7th Seoul Net Festival is open for entries in Digital Express (International Competition) in both categories respectively : and . Seoul Net Festival is trying to introduce talented visual artists all over the world and their brilliant works and to lead the new audio-visual experiences based on ¡°the Internet¡± and ¡°New Media¡±. We sincerely hope you consider this an exciting opportunity to show your great endeavors in the digital convergence era. WHEN : May 15 – September 24, 2006
     – May 15 – July 31 : screening of competition section and out-of-competition section
     – August 1 – September 24 : screening of award-winning works

WHERE : / Mobile and DMB


For the official competition section, only works completed after January 2005 may be submitted to the Festival. Submissions should be creative works produced or adopted through digital technology. There will be no restrictions regarding the genre, length or subject matter of the work and all types of works, including fiction, documentary, experimental, music video, animation, motion graphic, flash animation, game, web-art, etc. will be accepted.


1. Completed application form (can be downloaded from 2. Preview material

   – By Post : DVD / DV6mm / CD / VHS (Seoul Moving Image Forum – Program Dept. of Seoul Net Festival, 1308 Woorim Bobo County, 75-8 Samsung-Dong, Kangnam-Gu, Seoul 135-870, Korea)

   – By FTP Server (under 300 MB) : FLASH / WMV / MOV / AVI / MPEG
* For File-Transferring indications, please mail to

   – By E-MAIL : URL address to 3. Complete script in English (.doc) 4. Photo of the Work (.jpg) : more than 300 dpi 5. Photo of the Artist (.jpg) : more than 300 dpi 6. Any other publicity materials related to the submitted work (optional)

* Application form and photos can be submitted by E-MAIL.
* Resolution should be more than 640 * 480.

Seoul Moving Image Forum – Program Dept. of Seoul Net Festival
1308 Woorim Bobo County, 75-8 Samsung-Dong, Kangnam-Gu, Seoul 135-870, Korea / Tel. : +82-2-518-4332 / Fax: +82-2-518-4333


Rhizome Commissions Program: 2006-2007
+ Deadline for proposals: April 1, 2006 +
Rhizome is pleased to announce that with support from the Greenwall Foundation, the Jerome Foundation and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, between eight and eleven new Internet art projects will be commissioned in 2006.

CALL FOR PROPOSALS+ Deadline for proposals: April 1, 2006 +Rhizome is pleased to announce that with support from the Greenwall Foundation, the Jerome Foundation and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, between eight and eleven new Internet art projects will be commissioned in 2006.The fee for each commission will range from $900 – $3,000.

CALL FOR PROPOSALS+ Deadline for proposals: April 1, 2006 +Rhizome is pleased to announce that with support from the Greenwall Foundation, the Jerome Foundation and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, between eight and eleven new Internet art projects will be commissioned in 2006.The fee for each commission will range from $900 – $3,000.Artists are invited to submit proposals for new works of Internet-based art. There is no required theme. The works can manifest offline, as long as the Internet is a primary vehicle in the creation of the work, and the final work is accessible online, whether through a web browser, software, or some other use of internet technologies.

When evaluating proposals, the jury will consider artistic merit, technical feasibility, and online accessibility. Although we will provide some technical assistance with final integration into the Rhizome web site, artists are expected to develop projects independently and without significant technical assistance from Rhizome.

+ How to Submit a Proposal +
The jury will only consider proposals from members of To sign up for Rhizome membership, please visit:

There are two parts to proposal submission:

You must create a proposal in the form of a web site that includes the following key elements:
+ Project description (500 words maximum) that discusses your project’s core concept, how you will realize your project, and your project’s feasibility. If you plan to work with assistants, consultants, or collaborators, their roles and (if possible) names should be included.

+ You are encouraged, but not required, to include a production timeline and a project budget, which should include your own fee. If you have other funding sources for your project, please indicate this in your budget.

+ Your resume or Curriculum Vitae. For collaborative groups, provide either a collective CV or the CV’s of all participants.

+ Up to 5 work samples. Note: More is not necessarily better. You should include only work samples relevant to your proposal. If your proposal has nothing to do with photography, don’t include images from your photography portfolio. Please provide contextualizing information (title, date, medium, perhaps a brief description) to help the jury understand what they are looking at. The work sample can take any form, as long as it is accessible via the web.

When designing your web-based proposal, please note that the jury will have limited time for evaluations, so try to make your site clear and concise.

When your web-based proposal is complete, you are ready for Part Two of the proposal process:

Submit your proposal for a Rhizome Commission via an online form at
We do not accept proposals via email, snail mail, or other means. Proposals will be accepted until 12:00AM EST (that’s New York time) on Saturday, April 1, 2006. The form requires the following information:

+ Name of artist or collaborative group
+ Email address
+ Place of residence (city, state/province, country)
+ Title of the project (this can be tentative)
+ Brief description of project (50 words maximum)
+ URL of web-based proposal
+ Jury +
Proposals will be reviewed by a jury consisting of Lauren Cornell, Executive Director of Rhizome; blogger Regine Debatty of we-make-money-not-art, net artist Olia Lialina, Professor at Merz Akademie, Stuttgart; artist and writer Eduardo Navas, also founder and contributing editor of Net Art Review and New Media Fix; and Marisa S. Olson, artist and Editor and Curator-at-Large at Rhizome.

Rhizome members will also participate in the evaluation and awarding process through secure web-based forms. In this phase of evaluation, Rhizome members will be directed to the submitted web-based proposals. While this more open jurying process does mean that proposals could possibly be discussed publicly, there have been no reported conflicts or abuses of information reported.

+ Winners +
Winners will be contacted on or after May 23rd, 2006. Each winner will be asked to sign an agreement with governing the terms of the commission. Commissioned projects will be listed on the main Rhizome Commission page and included in the Rhizome ArtBase.

+ Questions +
If you have any questions about the Rhizome Commissions, send an email to


Tosoma is a website specializing in creating and showcasing online based public
art projects consisting of a panel of 25 established and emerging
international professionals from a wide range of new media fields.

Open Call of Submissions for ‘Orgasmos’ a Net + Web Art Project

Deadline for submissions: March 10th 2006

Announcement of selected works: April 10th 2006

This project is an open call for artists working in Net and Web Art, to create and
submit a Net or Web Art piece that portrays the sensation of an orgasm.

Selection and Awards:

Exhibition of works – 10 works only will be selected by our international panel,
to be showcased online on from April 10th 2006

Tosoma Award – there will be a first and second Award which will be announced and
sent out.

How to submit work:

For Orgasmos: [all submissions via email]

Net.Art/Web.Art Submissions: please send the URL of your piece and any specific
viewing requirements in terms of browsers and software.

In your email please include the name of the piece and a short statement of who
you or your group/collaborative are (300 words max). Also include your main website
if you have one and your email address (please state if you wish your website and
email address to be visible on the site)

Email all work to  

Important: When submitting work you will need to give your consent and confirm
it is your own work in order for us to use it. If you are sending via email, you
must copy and paste in your email the following paragraph, signed by yourself. If
you are posting the material please copy paste this on you cover letter and sign

“The work I am submitting is my own, I have consent from all collaborators
involved (if any), to use and submit this work. I allow to
display my work within the tosoma website. I will not contact panel members discussing
my submission.”


The Prix Ars Electronica – International Competition for Cyberarts is being conducted for the 20th time in 2006. In addition to the classic categories – Interactive Art, Net Vision, Computer Animation / Visual Effects and Digital Musics – Digital Communities and [the next idea] Art and Technology Grant competition will be reprised.
Prix Ars Electronica 2006

Start of Online Submissions: January 10, 2006 Online Submission Deadline: March 17, 2006 Details about entering are available online only at

A Golden Nica, two Awards of Distinction (cash prizes) and up to 12 Honorary Mentions will be awarded in the Net Vision category in 2006.
For further information about Net Vision please contact Sonja Panholzer:

NET VISION, ‘Net Vision’ category singles out for recognition artistic projects in the Internet that display brilliance in how they have been engineered, designed and-especially-conceived, works that are outstanding with respect to innovation, interface design and the originality of their content. The way in which a work of net-based art deals with the online medium is essential in this category.
With the best regards


Iris Mayr

Prix Ars Electronica | Project Manager

AEC Ars Electronica Center Linz

Museumsgesellschaft mbH

Hauptstraße 2

A-4040 Linz

Tel. ++43.732.7272-74

Fax ++43.732.7272-674

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