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dbqp: visualizing poetics
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Poetry Blogs (brandon barr)
famous monkey (jim behrle) (jlbloom)
heaven (mairead byrne)
cahiers de corey (josh corey)
mosses from an old manse (peter culley)
superhigh! (jane dark)
equanimity (jordan davis)
million poems (jordan davis)
bloggedy blog blog (katie degentesh)
a sorter (patrick durgin)
notes to poetry (steve evans) (caterina fake)
overlap (drew gardner)
ululations (nada gordon)
prrrowess (nada gordon)
hg poetics (henry gould)
conchology (gabriel gudding)
lester's flogspot (patrick herron)
heathens in heat (david hess)
pantaloons (jack kimball)
my angie dickinson (michael magee)
mainstream poetry (the mainstream poets)
bemsha swing (jonathan mayhew)
poesia en espanol (jonathan mayhew)
lime tree (kasey silem mohammed)
squish (katherine parrish)
fait accompli (nick piombino)
nether (angela rawlings)
ich bin ein iraqi (camille roy)
froth (marianne shaneen)
silliman's blog (ron silliman)
possum pouch (dale smith)
formal blog (mike snider)
elsewhere (gary sullivan)
winepoetics (eileen tabios)
love's last gasps (eileen tabios)
laurable dot com (laura willey)
anti 'sta2 uni2' (heriberto yepez)
the well nourished moon (stephanie young)
tympan (tim yu)

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