March 25, 2004

Hairless Cat II

[Here is a response to my posting of a picture of a hairless cat several months ago (which now ranks on Google?!). As some of you have noted, it wasn't truly "hairless," and David Jordan below explains why the mix-up happened. Below is one of the cats from his site, well worth visiting!]


If you do a search for "hairless cat" on yahoo you come up #5. I run a site for hairless cats and thought I should point out a couple of things for your edification. They are called Sphynx not Sphinx cats. The cat pictured on your page is indeed a Devon Rex or a very poor example of a Sphynx as it has hair. All Sphynx cats are born with a kind of "suede" hair and keep it their whole life. They are not truly a hairless cat. There is one however that was bred from some cats in Hawaii (i forget the name) Anyhow if you want to get some pics of Sphynx cats you can check out our site and feel free to grab any you wish. I will be updating a few of the kittens tonight. Just a note to educate.

David Jordan

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